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Welcome to the Zion Lutheran Church website!

First, we are disciples of our Lord, Jesus.  In our worship, study, prayer, service, stewardship, and fellowship we seek to faithfully follow our Lord and grow in the Holy Spirit’s abiding truth and love.  Our proclamation and ministries emerge from our central vision of Christ as our foundation, faith, and future.
We are located in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Memorial Day. While almost a part of State College, this cozy community still retains the ethos of a congregation in a smaller town.  Our fellowship is consistent with a diverse family joined together in a mutual love for one another: a love appropriately reflective of the love we have first received from our Heavenly Father through whose grace and in whose Spirit we have come together.
Well known by visitors as an extremely friendly church, we are eager to welcome all those who seek our Lord’s presence in their lives.  We welcome others as we understand ourselves: fellow sinners who have been saved by grace through faith and who ever seek to respond in grateful love and joyful obedience to our Heavenly Father.
We hope that this website helps you connect with us and more importantly with Christ’s work among and through us.  He is not only the Way and the Truth and the Life but our Way, Truth, and Life.
To God be the Glory.
Pastor Brent Book



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